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Richfield Township History

Richfield Township was founded in 1809 and originally was twenty-five (25) square miles in size.  The Village of Richfield separated from Richfield Township in 2003 and with some land area lost through annexation.  This left Richfield Township with its current area of 16.35 square miles.  Since the first settler arrived, the Township has evolved to become home to a population of 2,708.  

Richfield Township is located in the northwest corner of Summit County and is bounded on the west by Medina County and the north by Cuyahoga County.  Adjacent communities include the Townships of Bath & Boston (Summit County), Hinckley (Medina County), the Village of Richfield (Summit County) and the Cities of Brecksville and Broadview Heights (Cuyahoga County).  Summit County is named for the highest point along the Ohio-Erie Canal and Richfield is the highest point in Summit County.  

Richfield Township is sixteen (16) miles south of Cleveland, Ohio and fifteen (15) northeast of Akron, Ohio with the major highways of Interstate 77, Interstate 271, Ohio Turnpike (I-80), State Route 303 (Streetsboro Road) and State Route 176 (Broadview Road) through the township.


  •  1967

The Village of Richfield was incorporated with a vote of 577 "FOR" and 464 "AGAINST."  The Village of Richfield was still part of Richfield Township but was referred to as the "incorporated portion of the Township."  Richfield Township was not part of the Village.  There was a one (1) year window for Richfield Township and the Village of Richfield to become combined and this did not happen.

  • 1984/1985

A merger attempt was made and the law changed to allow political subdivisions in charter counties to merge.  The merger attemp was defeated in Richfield Township and passed in the Village of Richfield.

  • 1996

There was an attempt to merge the Village of Richfield and Bath Township.  This vote passed in Bath Township but failed in the Village of Richfield.

  • 1997

A second attempt to merge the Village of Richfield and Richfield Township and the election results are as follows:    




Total  Votes Cast

Village of Richfield




% of the Votes








Richfield TWP




% of the Votes








  • 1999

Out of 716 qualified registered freeholders, 402 signed the petition to separate from the Village of Richfield that was circulated by the Citizens for Choice.

  • 1999 to 2003

During these five (5) years, there were numerous court cases regarding separation.  In 2001, Richfield Township filed a suit to rule the original judgement null and void.  Judge Adams' decision to uphold the petition was referred to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • 2003

On July 28, 2003 a Special Counsel Meeting was called by then Council President Lyons.  Council President informed council that the Summit County Council received an opinion from the Attorney General regarding the separation of the Village of Richfield and Richfield Township.  It was incumbent upon Council to submit its options as to how to divide the properties due to the separation. 

The Attorney General rendered a very thoughtful, 11-page opinion.  The ruling read, "... In order for the proper division of assets pursuant to Revised Code 503.11 should allocate between the new Township and the municipal corporation any assets of the original Township that were accrued from taxes levied on the property of the Township as a whole and should allocate to the new Township any assets that were accrued from taxes levied only on the unincorporated area of the Township.  Assets that were allocated to the original Township pursuant to the Probate Court Order upon municipal incorporation are subject to bring allocated again in accordance with these principles."   

The minutes of this Special Meeting can be found in its entirety on the Village of Richfield's website. 

Official separation of the Village of Richfield and Richfield Township occurred August, 2003.  Click here for a map depicting Richfield Township's area and zoning and Village of Richfield's area.