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Snow Removal


The Service Department is responsible for snow and ice control on designated township roads.  State and County roads in the township are the responsibility of either the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) or the Summit County Engineer's Department (COSE).

The snowplowing season begins December 1  and ends on April 1 and requires the concerted efforts of all service department employees. It takes about five (5) hours to make one (1) complete plowing and salting trip through the township. The township uses approximately 800 tons of salt for the winter season.

The initial goal during snow emergencies is to insure residents' access to emergency services and then as necessary the crew makes additional trips in order the push the snow back to open up the roads to their full width. 

Residents are responsible to keep the area surrounding their mailboxes clear

Guidelines for Residents During Snow Events
  • Do not place obstructions along the edge of the roadway
  • Do not park on the roads during snow events 
  • Do not place snow in the roadway or on the property of others
  • Please keep a safe distance from the trucks so that the crew can see you in their mirrors