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Forms, Fees, Public Records Request

Each January at the Township Organizational Meeting, the Board of Trustees are required to establish the Township governance through the approval of the Annual Rules and Regulations and  approval of  Organizational Resolution.     

These are necessary for the governance of the Township, the use and protection of the property, Boards and the employees.   

The following forms, fees, rules and regulations and all links of information are listed at the very bottom of the page. 

  • Forms for Zoning Department
  • Forms for Rising Valley Park
  • Fees for Current Calendar Year
  • Public Records Request

To read the Organizational Resolution for 2021 in its entirety, click here



The following is a list of the Richfield Township Zoning Forms.  See "FORMS Zoning Department" at the bottom of this page. 

  • Application for Zoning Certificate - Sign Permit
  • Board of Zoning Appeal Application
  • Commercial/Lite Industry/Office Zoning Certificate
  • Residential Zoning Certificate
  • Zoning Amendment
  • Zoning Investigation

Rising Valley Park

The only park in the Township is Rising Valley Park, located at 4701 Newton Road.  Residents and non-residents are encouraged to use the park but must use the application form that can be found at the link shown at the bottom of this page and must call the Township Administration Office to reserve and obtain the availability of the park and its pavilions.  See "FORMS for Rising Valley Park" at the bottom of this page.


The link provided are the current fees for Zoning, General Copying and Rising Valley Park use.  See "FEES for Current Calendar Year" at the bottom of this page.  


Ohio law has long provided for public scrutiny of state and local government records1 and the following is a brief overview.  To read and review the Ohio Laws, please click here

Ohio's Public Records Act details how to request public records.  The Act also excludes some records from disclosure and enforces production when a proper public records request is denied. 

Any person may request to inspect or obtain copies of public records from a public office that keeps those records.  A public office must organize and maintain its public records in a manner that meets its duty to respond to public records requests, and must keep a copy of its records retention schedule at a location readily available to the public.  When it receives a proper public records request and unless part or all of a record is exempt from release, a public office must provide inspection of the requested records promptly and at no cost, or provide copies at a cost within a reasonable period of time.

Unless a specific law says otherwise, a requestor does not have to give the reason for wanting the records, or give his or her name, or make the request in writing.  However, the request does have to be clear and specific enough for the public office to reasonably identify what public records are being requested.  A request can be refused if the office no longer keeps the records, if the request is for documents that are not records of the office, of if the requestor does not revise an ambiguous  or overly broad request.

Anyone wishing to make a public records request of the Township, should either use the form found in the link below, a letter describing your request, an email or a phone call to the Township Administration Office.  See "PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST" at the bottom of this page.

1Ohio's State and local government offices follow Ohio's Public Records Act, found at R.C. 149.43.  the federal Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552 does not apply to state and local offices.

Last Updated: 4/1/2022

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